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Media Team FAQ

I have no experience with sound or lights or video. Is there anything I can do?
Certainly. All of our team members receive on-the-job training. If you like to learn and you’re somewhat detail oriented, the media team is a natural fit for you. 
Is the media team just for men? Just for adults? Just for geeks?
The media team is open to men and women. We’ve found that women often make great media volunteers because they tend to pay attention, respond intuitively, and exhibit grace under pressure more than some men. We also welcome teenage volunteers who are ready to accept an adult-level responsibility and demonstrate an adult attitude. 
Why do our media volunteers make mistakes with the sound, lights, or video?
Because they are human, and they are volunteers. Most of the jobs our volunteers perform would be performed by full-time professionals in a secular production. We are proud of the level of excellence our volunteers achieve; however, it’s important to remember that they are volunteers.

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