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New Pastor Search - Day of Prayer

On Wednesday evening, March 8, the church voted in business session to employ Shepherd's Staff to assist our Pastor Search Committee in finding the next pastor. They will provide candidate names and thoroughly vet any candidates in which the Pastor Search Committee is interested.

On April 1-3, Shepherd's Staff will be onsite for their Discovery Weekend. They will meet with the Pastor Search Committee, small groups of other church leaders, and the church staff. The purpose of the weekend is to become better acquainted with the church and our needs in the next Senior Pastor. They will also help us form a survey to get your input in our pastoral search.

In preparation for this weekend, the Pastor Search Committee is asking for a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Thursday, March 30. Perhaps you'd fast one meal, perhaps all three meals, and use your eating time for praying time. As part of the Day of Prayer and Fasting, we'd like to encourage 24-hours of prayer in thirty-minute segments beginning at midnight on March 30 till midnight March 31. That's 48 thirty-minute segments.

Would you be willing to fill one of those segments? Night owls could choose a late night or early morning segment. Early birds could take a pre-dawn segment. You can pray in your home or wherever you prefer. You can pray at the church from 8:30-4:30 on March 30, if you choose. You can invite two or three others to join you in your time slot and meet to pray together.

Be creative.

Here are some things you can pray about: church health, wisdom for the Pastor Search Committee (Chuck Lane (chair), Laura Lockwood, Pam Warren, Jim Taylor, Scott Dews, and alternates Janet Porter and Adam Delee), wisdom and unity for the church staff, wisdom and peace for Pastor John and Dayna as he leads this effort and prepares to retire, Shepherd's Staff Search Firm, the candidates that will be considered, smooth transition, revival in the church, and a great willingness to embrace the changes God is bringing to FBC.